Proper Nutrition For Stallion Fertility

Essential Nutrition For Stallion Fertility

A well-balanced diet for Stallions is essential for all body systems to properly handle the increased workload during the breeding season. There are some vitamins and minerals that are more influential for fertility and also essential for overall health.

CEN CF50 Multivitamin provides the daily vitamins and minerals required for Stallions to thrive. It is a healthy fibre based pellet with Pre & Probiotics for digestive health. Enriched with Omega 3 DHA which helps improve semen quality. The low feed rate makes it the perfect addition to help balance out the micronutrient profile.

Key Nutrients For Fertility

  • Vitamin A – Sperm manufacture
  • Vitamin E – Optimises sperm integrity
  • Calcium, Phosphorus & Magnesium – Semen and seminal plasma, which is important for functional sperm
  • Zinc – Regulates reproductive hormones and is fundamental in helping to produce healthy, active sperm

Another important nutrient is Omega 3.
Horses must source Omega 3 in their diet as they cannot make it themselves. They require as much as possible to balance the Omega 6 that is already abundant in the diet.
CEN Oil provides a high quality source of plant based Omega 3, 100% natural and no chemicals.
Dietary supplementation with CEN Oil (stabilised linseed oil with antioxidants) can decrease the natural decline in mobility and integrity of the fatty membrane surrounding individual sperm cells in cooled-stored semen.

Preparation is key so it’s good to start feeding optimum micronutrients a few months before the breeding season to allow them to fully contribute to the ever-developing sperm.

As breeding season approaches, stallions should be in moderate to fleshy body condition, which means the stallion’s ribs should be palpable but not visible and minimal fat may be deposited along the withers, behind the shoulder, and around the tail head.

By supporting good fertility with the right nutrients and dietary management, you can help give your stallion best possible chance for a successful breeding season.

If you have any questions about how to create a well balanced diet for your Stallion please contact CEN – Complete Equine Nutrition 

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Proper Nutrition For Stallion Fertility